We are still moving in — but we got goats!!

So we officially moved to the farm 2 weeks ago today! We are still unpacking boxes. I’m amazed, and a little embarrassed, at how much stuff we have. Moving to a smaller house has been an adjustment for sure, especially with all three kids in the same room. Liz and I are loving the process of thinning out our things, and figuring out how we will adjust to a smaller home. We have found that being in a smaller home (without a TV) has brought our family of 5 even closer together.

And did I mention we got goats?! I laugh as I write this, because these goats have been in the works since we found out we were getting Wozani Farm. I joked with Liz that we needed to move in first–before the goats. We did manage to move in first, with the goats close behind. We got two mother goats with there 4 kids and they have settled in nicely with their own right next to the chickens. The big mamma is a Lamancha, and the white one is Angora. We will continue to keep you updated as we learn all the ins and outs of goat keeping.

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