Rainer. Cool, Calm, Collected.

Here’s a little get to know session. 🙂

When I was a we little lass, my favorite form of precipitation was the rain. I remember always saying, ‘if rain was a person I’d marry them.’

It blows my mind that God does grant us the desires of our hearts. Like. True story ya’ll! Maybe 20years or so later, I married RAINer on May 8th, 2014.

And he really does bring out all the feels that rain gives me. He brings peace and comfort. And of course we want to cozy next to our wood burning together every night when the kids are in bed, him with black tea or whiskey in hand, and me with a warm apple cider vinegar.

He’s a man of many hats.

For work, Rainer is a full time Family Nurse Practitioner, and a reservist in the Airforce. He started studying for his NP License when we were growing our first kid, 3 years later and 3 kids later he graduated. Omg! It was a time of our lives that nearly broke me. But his persistence and forward momentum/dreaming always kept us going.

Let’s talk about his loves.

– Books, he has a good old fashioned library with hundreds of books and a catalogue of them all. Do you want to borrow one, no problem, he’ll check it out to you. Favorite genres are history and spy thrillers.

– Chickens, which are strictly his. We say Rosie is Willa’s but we all know the truth. His (lovey lady lumps) hens, are precious and loved on everyday by him. We’re planning on 6more in the spring. :):)

– He loves to see fruits of his labor, gardening, sowing, harvesting and prepping are things that we are both drawn to.

We decided early on that we’d love to bring kids up with space, and teach them good old fashioned hard work. One of our many reasons for this farm, and I’m so grateful he’s my partner through it all!! 🙂

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