2020 – what are we up to.

With the world learning how to live under the boundaries of a pandemic, we on the farm haven’t stopped, but are taking this time to create good foundations. We will not be doing any local events or too much sales, as we will be keeping our time busy with projects!!! So many projects!

We’ve invested in cover crops and pasture seeds from Nature Seeds Company to continue our pursuit of soil rejuvenation and suppress the weeds as much as we can. All the way from the front of the farm to the hard spots at the back.

The back of the farm… big project!

When we first moved here in 2018, it was revealed to us that the back portion of the property was over grazed and depleted of nutrients while filled with sooo many goat heads and other invasive weeds. We expect this journey (without pesticides) to probably take us a good 5 years. And how fun will it be to be able to run through fields of clover, native grasses and wildflowers.

Other projects this year include starting…

  • A Bee hive!
  • Planting a You-Pick garden for strawberries and herbs
  • Building up native perennials for enhancing our ecosystem
  • Finishing our workshop for our flower gardening needs and housing farm work shops.
  • Putting signs in the front, because we know you’ve got lost trying to find us.
  • And possibly even building a little garden cart to hold eggs and flowers so you can pick up your needs on your own time. 👍

We hope you enjoy following along on this journey! If there’s anything you think our tri town area could benefit from, please let us know.

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