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What a year!

Wow! What a year hey!?! I’m pretty sure that we were all hit in some capacity by the storms that flooded in in 2020.Physically, mentally and emotionally we were all hit.I’m writing this as a memoir, we all need to remember this bizarre year.… Continue Reading “What a year!”

2020 – what are we up to.

With the world learning how to live under the boundaries of a pandemic, we on the farm haven’t stopped, but are taking this time to create good foundations. We will not be doing any local events or too much sales, as we will be… Continue Reading “2020 – what are we up to.”

Sheep and Pasture Restoration

This is always an exciting time of year on a farm. After a long winter, plants are starting to wake up, traces of green can be seen popping up. And babies! Baby chicks, ducklings, keets and turkeys have found their way on the farm… Continue Reading “Sheep and Pasture Restoration”

The Compost Initiative.

When I moved to the United States in 2008, it shocked me how much food wastage there was. Where I grew up, left-overs went to those who needed food, and left over left-overs went to the animals and compost. Thus throwing out food was… Continue Reading “The Compost Initiative.”