Community Events

Backyard Chicken Keeping

July 6th, 2019. 10am – 12pm

Cost: $20 per person – register at the Frederick Farmer’s Market or online at

Where: Wozani Farm – 5906 Godding Hollow Pkwy, Frederick CO 80504

Join us on Saturday, July 6th at Wozani Farm for a hands on workshop discussing everything you need to know to start your own backyard flock. Not only do you get fresh eggs daily, but hours of entertainment as well.

Free Farm Tour

Joins us for a morning walk through your local farm. You’ll get to meet our weed eaters and one day milk produces, our sweet goats. Learn a little about our chickens, and what keeps them so healthy and happy. And stroll through the lavender field as well as the veggie and cut flower gardens. Bring your kids along and make it a family field trip.