Wozani – The Meaning.

DSC_0085In both Xhosa and IsiZulu the word Wozani means Come.

We believe that this piece of land is here for more than us. And we believe that what is ours belongs to God, so we feel strongly that God is calling us to create a bringing together of sorts here on this land.

When we went through farm names, we thought of everything from Long meadow farm, to Shalom, or Narrow Field and Cotton wood farm. We wanted the name to hold meaning, and description, but not to hold us to one type of crop or venture.

We knew ultimately that our land will be used for community. We want it to bring people together, to build people up, to spread love and hope and beauty.

I truly think that a whole lot of pain and issues we all face today is because of lack of community, lack of coming together, lack of getting our bubbles popped and sharing our depths with others.

Growing up in South Africa, Xhosa was my dad’s first language, and we lived many years in KwaZulu-Natal where Zulu was the mother tongue, so when looking into words, of course Xhosa and Zulu both spoke to us, and having them share the same word for the meaning COME was special.

Whatever Wozani becomes, and OH MY GOODNESS, the ideas are many and HUGE, Wozani will be a place of community. A place to build. A place of peace.

Here are some of our ideas, but we’d love to hear your ideas with what the 4 acres of land could be used for. Or even expand on some of ours?

  • Community horse.
  • Classes for veggies, homesteading, plants.
  • CSA
  • Community sensory garden
  • Community events
  • Venues
  • Rainer’s practice or store front near the busy road.
  • Lavender fields

So WOZANI friends!!

Please come and visit us!!

We Bought a Farm!

We Bought a Farm!

So…we bought a farm.  This is something that Liz and I have dreamed of for years, and it almost stayed just that–a dream.  Though the process of buying this farm, there were several barriers that we thought would prevent this dream from happening.  But God opened many doors unexpectedly, and now we are packing up the house we have called home for the last 3 1/2 years.

Liz and I have always dreamed of owning land.  Land where we could grow our food and teach our kids one of the most fundamental lessons–where their food comes from.  Land where Liz could grow her flowers and tinker.  Land where we could welcome others to join and live in community.  We have always felt called by God to open our home and lives to anyone who needs it, be that a bed to sleep in or a table to eat at, and feel even stronger that God provided us with this farm to continue doing just that.  Which leads to how we named our farm.

In case you didn’t know, my wife Liz is South African born and raised.  When naming our farm, she really wanted to incorporate her heritage into the essence of the farm.  When I have visited South Africa in the past, everyone is so welcoming and I understand Liz’s desire to incorporate that into our farm.  Which is how we finally decided on the name Wozani Farm.  Wozani is Zulu meaning “come” or “to come,” which is the essence of what we want our farm to be–a gathering place.

We started this blog for many reasons.  To share our story, to open our farm, and to share what we learn as we dive into our next adventure.

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